7 Best Pet Snakes Beginners Can Trust

Would you be interested in having a pet snake? Would you want one that does not eat mice? Would it interest you as well to have a friendly pet snake? Good thing, this article will serve as your guide to find out the best pet snake to ever have.

A Short Info About Pet Snakes

The Top 5 Best Beginner Snakes
By: Snake Discovery

Just as the snake is a unique animal, understand that it requires specific housing. It also eats strange foods while interacting with human beings. What will entice you to like it more is that it is a fuzzy and warm pet to have.

It can be undeniably fascinating to take good care of the snake as it makes a good pet. Maybe you may still be asking yourself if a snake makes a good pet? Well, it must be explained that a snake does not interact with humans the same way that a dog does. It won’t fetch your slipper nor accompany you as you go out on a walk. It won’t bond with you and get connected to you emotionally. And it will never be a lifelong friend the way that a cat and canine does.

The reality is that a snake is the same as a fish or a bird. You may find one that tolerates occasional interaction, which makes it like a bird or cockatiel. One snake to find would like it more; you leave it untouched. Such a snake can be considered a pet fish. But the good side of it all is that it is a rewarding and interesting animal to live alongside. Just keep in mind not to directly interact with it much.

A snake still has to present a lot of advantages that a cat, dog, or other conventional pets. A snake won’t become frustrated, bored, or lonely if you do not pay it much attention. It will not also miss you even when you go out to see your friends. It will not demand a large yard as it will just live entirely in its habitat.

What more, a snake is cheaper to feed than a cat or a dog of the same size. It is classified as a cold-blooded animal that operates at such a fraction of speed than a cat or a dog. Even an injured or a sick snake may require some veterinary care, it may still not need regular checkups or vaccinations.

Although a snake is never to be considered an affectionate companion, it makes sense to still have it as a rewarding pet. A snake is a specie that makes a very rewarding pet. Make sure that you understand the things to expect from it. Select a specie that makes a good choice for your living situation. That will also include your skill level in handling it well.

It also makes sense to learn more about the specie you choose. This will give the pet the best life possible. But although 3,700 snake species that can be found around the world, there are so many options that can still be made available for you. The majority of the species are somehow difficult to take good care of. And they are best left among the most experienced keepers.

It will be a good idea to stick to the pet snakes that are easy to feed, are docile, and are small. Better to acquire pet snakes that were bred in captivity. If you would choose for a wild-caught snake, it may bring about unexpected challenges that may leave you unprepared.

Below are the 7 best pet snakes that beginners can trust that you can find helpful. Better share this article with your friends for them to realize how valuable this can be for them.

1) Corn Snakes

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Among the most common snake species perfect for beginners, corn snakes are so far the most fascinating. They attract the attention of the snake keepers ever since they started to keep snakes as pets. Know that these snakes are typically docile. They are hardy, and they seldom present difficulties when it comes to being fed. They also do not show health problems that some snakes are known for. But they need to be fed with a rodent-based diet. No matter what you do to grow them a lot faster, they remain to be relatively small. Most of them can extend to four to six-feet long.

2) Ball Pythons

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For naturally-shy creatures, ball pythons make a perfect choice. They make a wonderful pet to have. They are also drawn towards people coming in different patterns and colors.

While snakes may vary, meaning when you have ball pythons, you’ll consider them a one-of-a-kind. They also tend to grow between 4 and 5 feet. This is also when they have reached their sense of maturity. It also is exciting to know that they can live up to 30 years. And that can leave you in awe.

No need to worry about these snakes as they are constrictors. They are classified as non-venomous. If ever the ball python bit you unexpectedly, it’s something not to bother you at all. Make sure that you just clean the bitten area and sanitize it more.

A lot of articles can be read about guiding you what to do if a ball python bites. There is also a medical guide and step-by-step instruction to follow. You will also learn what must be done to avoid being bitten.

These snakes do not kill other animals with poison. Instead, they hunt by luring their prey and by coiling their bodies around the victim. That is when the blood flow to the brain is cut off. The prey will ultimately be killed because of suffocation.

Once you have the snakes in hand, be extra cautious as you interact with them. Focus on their temperament, and that will leave you just fine.

They also are shy, liking it better hiding in the places they want. Learn to gain their trust over time. They also like it being handled after they have trusted you already. If you are a threat or not, they know it better, so beware of them.

3) Kingsnakes

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Kingsnakes can come in different varieties that appeal much to the snake keepers. They make good pets for owners like you. Some species tend to grow big enough to the present challenges. But the majority of them remain less than four feet long. They also tend to eat rodents that are captivated. The wild individuals consume almost anything that they encounter like the lizards, snakes, frogs, rodents, and other animals. It makes sense to have these snakes as very rewarding pets.

For the most popular king snakes to find, there are the California Kings Snakes, also known as the Lampropeltis getula californiae. They come in different colors and patterns, with some having white and black with stripes. Some of them are white and black with spots.

Some snakes have clearly shown a black, red, and yellow pattern to mimic the venomous Coral Snake. The patterns between the coral snakes and king snakes can be almost the same. The order of colors will never be the same.

When you have the king snakes settled in their new environment, they will also be nervous in the beginning. This is also because they do not know you, and they may consider you a threat.

Get ready yourself when you see signs of discomfort from the king snakes. These can include the smearing urine and feces on your skin. They might take a defensive stance or the shaking of their tail before finally striking. But when you handle your new snake regularly, they will get used to you. They will also become comfortable seeing you handling it.

While growing on average of up to 3 and 4 feet, they tend to begin off pretty small. They would measure 8 to 10 inches long as infants. They would also reach up to 6 feet long. Be extra prepared to house a pet snake that is twice as big as you expected.

4) Milk Snakes

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To many of the snake species, milk snakes prove to be the most beautiful of them all in the world. They could be found in a wide range of countries from North and South America. They tend to grow up to 6 feet that will depend much on the milk snake subspecies.

They are so far the most popular because of their black, red, and white stripes that can be decorated and patterned with. As to their behavior, they are considered to be nocturnal. This means to say that they can become active during the night. They are also solitary creatures that you could still handle.

Since milk snakes are a type of kingsnake, they are just so perfect for being non-venomous constrictors. They need to be housed alone and not be accompanied to other snakes. They also eat up other snakes but not when they will after be mating.

Keep the milk snakes in a 20-gallon enclosure after reaching their adult maturity. The enclosure of the snake should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit as to the cool side. The warm side also needs to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Ceramic heat and heat mat emitters also make a good idea to consider.

Don’t worry about the use of light. Once you add a light, the heat of the snake’s enclosure must not pass to 86 degrees. This will get their lives risky because of overheating.

Dispose of a bowl of clean and fresh water. This could be used for cooling off or dinking. Make sure that the food will not get bigger as compared to the widest part of the snake.

For adolescent milk snakes, they must be fed once every 5 days. For those that already have reached adult maturity, they must be fed once every 10 days.

So much to say, they make a wonderful contribution to a home with different colors and species. They will also live between 10 and 12 years.

5) Garter Snakes

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Not many people are familiar with garter snakes. But for those who like it spending time outdoors in North America, they may make these snakes good pets. There are so far many different garter snakes to find on the market that are almost the same. They also differ when it comes to food habits and color patterns. They live mainly on a fish-based diet. They also like it better eating worms as a staple food.

6) Boa Constrictors

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Boa constrictors are also another wonderful pet having such an exotic pull. They are also found in the areas of South America like tropical areas. They also tend to grow between 5 and 10 feet in length.

They are indeed very docile the same as the mentioned pet snakes. But they can be active while enjoying being handled. They also love the body heat. Now, if the enclosure of the boa constrictor is above the required temperature, they may inhibit a bad attitude as you handle them.

Boa constrictors are by far the biggest snakes to find on the list. They may also be the most difficult to handle. They could reach up to 13 feet long. This is more than the doubled average height of American females and males.

They also weight at around 60 pounds. They make a perfect choice for a pet but only with careful planning. Be prepared to take good care of them. Take the necessary precautions against it for your safety.

Their enclosures need to fall between 6 to 8 feet long and 3-feet tall. The space of the floor is also more important than the height. This is because the boas do not climb that much. This is also, especially as they get heavier and older.

Provide a hide box for your snake for the security reasons. This will make the snake feel private and safe. There must as well be a cool side and a warm side. Choose from the different types of substrate to use for them like a carpet, store-bought substrate, newspaper, and many more.

An even bigger bowl of fresh water must be provided for soaking and or drinking. They still must not be fed while still acclimating because of safety reasons. Acclimation is such a stressful time for the snake when first brought into your home. It will still be feeling okay, even with no food.

7) Brown Snakes

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Brown snakes are the seventh-best pet snakes that beginners can trust. They make a good pet as they are encountered around human habitation. They are mild-mannered and small snakes that make a great choice for beginners. They also can subsist on a diet consisted of slugs, snails, and earthworms. It is just that it can be difficult to find captive-bred brown snakes on the market.

These are the best pet snakes that beginners can trust. They are fairly considered to be low maintenance. Be sure about the pet that you are going to buy. It should as well be easy to manage and is also comforting. All of the snakes mentioned are non-venomous. That is why they are favored by many pet snake keepers.

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