Top 12 Snakes Reptile Keepers Love

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A snake is often viewed as both a companion and a pet. It is considered a low maintenance animal that grows and enjoys its life with you. It is something that you could hold in your hands and show to your friends and family members. Despite its unusual side, it still reflects its independent nature. It also sets itself aside from the society.

A snake is truly an interesting subject to start on a conversation. It is exactly like a human being that comes in all sizes and types. When it is just less than six months of age, it is so easy to handle and take good care. But soon as it grows and grows, you will now need to buy all its necessities. That is when you need to become a wise shopper.

Being a novice reptile keeper, you may be wondering what snakes to keep. Below are the top 12 snakes that reptile keepers’ love.

1. Crested Gecko

Known as a native snake to the Southern part of New Caledonia, Crested Gecko is something of an unusual snake. It was one of the extinct species rediscovered in the year of 1994. Such an entertaining and docile reptile, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Its long crests and its eyes make it look like really a cartoon. And that’s certainly amazing to know about it.

2. Water Dragon

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A water dragon is living near the tropical rain forests. That is because it needs a lot of space. It is an arboreal animal that is capable of changing its shades of colors. This is one of the reasons why many reptile enthusiasts like to keep it as their pet. Its color can range from brown and green colors that depend on the temperature. And if ever you are a novice reptile keeper, let someone help you take good care of it as it is an exotic pet. It has its heating and food needs that must accurately be monitored for the animal to flourish.

3. Russian Tortoise

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If you only have limited space, it’s when Russian Tortoise makes a perfect snake to keep. This is small which makes it easy for you to take good care of it. This is also feisty but is more active as compared to other tortoises. Its qualities of being responsive and active make it more appealing in the eyes of their owners. It is interesting to know that it can hibernate during the winter periods. Its active nature and small size make it an excellent snake to keep.

The Russian tortoise is an even better choice than the red-eared slider. This can best interact with us humans. It is just that it can live for up to fifty years, which can be a lengthy commitment.

4. Ball Python

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A royal python, the ball pyth,on is a known specie that is a native to the python family in the sub-Saharan Africa. This is by far the smallest of the pythons found in the African region. Its small size makes it a cuter snake to keep. And it is good to have for its docile temperament. You’d like to keep this because of its habit of curling itself up into a tight ball. Easily handle it as you want it to. It is also very docile. Its life span can go at an average of twenty to thirty years.

Choose from the different color variations and ranges from 3 to 5 feet in length. Get yourself ready to be committed to it. It is, even more, favorable for you as a first-time owner. It’s something that you could consider as the best pet snake ever!

5. Leopard Gecko

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A captive-bred popular in the United States, the leopard Gecko has so far been the most kept lizard today. This comes in different patterns, sizes, and colors. This is indeed a great specie to keep at home. This is also docile and hardy that makes it a snake reptile to keep. If you become active early in the night or morning, you will get to experience its peak activity.

6. Chameleon


It makes sense to have chameleon as your pet. It is indeed a good pet that only requires you to research its care requirements. It comes with a price, though, but it’s worth it in the end.

Such a unique and beautiful creature, Chamele, n still needs a more precise environment. Its ability to change its colors make it a unique and interesting pet.

7. Bearded Dragon

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A desert lizard that you ought to keep, Bearded dragon is of medium-size. It can range from brown to red to white to yellow color. It is a friendly reptile that can move its arms in a way that it looks like it is waving hello. It is equipped with spiny reptilian scales like the “beard” of spikes right below its chin. There are so far eight species of bearded dragons that are known today. All of them are affectionately considered as the “beardi.””.

8. Rat or Corn Snake

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Found to be more of an excellent choice as a pet snake, r, t or corn snake is a masterful rodent-hunter. This is very calm as it is smaller in size. When you have it already, you will enjoy seeing it more climbing the branches. This could mean to say an enclosure for them, meaning more space to do the climbing.

As it spends more of its time burrowing and hiding, it’s when you will like it more as a pet. It is an incredibly considered escape artist with its tank that needs to be secured.

9. Red-eared slider

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A pet reptile to appreciate and keep, red-eared slider is one-of-a-kind, too. A ball python snake makes a good pet for first-timers to own a reptile.

As you have it while it is young, its daily nutrition still has to be met. The older one will need to be fed once every 2 or 3 days. This pet can eat even when it stays in the water. And it is also classified as an omnivorous animal.

10. African Sulcata Tortoise

giant Galapagos tortoise

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With proper care, the African Sulcata Tortoise can be your favorite snake reptile to keep. It does extremely well provided that you give it with proper care. It starts cute and sma, l but it grows to weights of almost 75 pounds. It is by far the biggest mainland tortoise that reaches thirty inches in length and almost over one-hundred pounds.

Inhabiting mostly outdoors, this tortoise specie is something that you would like to keep. It does not demand fruits, pet tortoise food, and animal proteins. It may also outlive y,ou which is why you need to make some plans.

11. Green Anole

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Green anole has its varying colors of brown, gre,en or mottled. It also has its ability to change color but is poor as compared to the true chameleons.

Such a skittish and small creature, it’s more likely that is a very active animal. It requires a diet of living insec, s but it goes to have a faster metabolism. It must be fed more often.

12. Eastern Box Turtles

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From grassy fields to damp forests, the Eastern Box Turtles can be found living here. They also walk energetical, y with their heads turned upright. And it’s more interesting seeing them traveling about fifty meters in just one day. Appreciate their homing instinct which will leave you like them more. They are omnivores by nature that make them quite adaptable.

Quick Information for Snake Reptile Care

Pick the Best Pet Snake – Snake Care Guide

Credits: New England Reptile

1.     Handling a reptile with care. If you love snuggling with a pet, a snake reptile is not an ideal choice. There are different levels of proper care for various species. Find a reliable pet store specializing in herptiles. It will guide you in making safe choices if it is your first time to handle pet reptile.

2.     Humidity. One crucial thing to consider in reptile ca, e such as snake is humid control in its dwelling. A reptile is used to live in an environment where it can maintain stable humidity.

They do this by moving to any microclimate or by burrowing to meet their needs. A snake living in a dry environment may develop health conditions that can cause death. On the other hand, living in a very moist place also develops other problems such as the existence of bacteria and fungus.

3.     Temperature. For cold-blooded creatures, it is difficult for them to maintain their required body temperature. This is where your pet relies on you to regulate its environment. Always seek advice from reliable pet stores regarding the appropriate temperatures and heating devices for the specific species of your reptile.

4.     Nutrition. There are diets available for some reptiles. But most of them require fresh foods. Some reptiles need mice and mealwor, s while others are good with fresh vegetables and fruits. Make sure you exert effort in purchasing the right diet for your pet.  Now, you just have to choose from these top 12 snakes and reptiles that keepers love. Despite becoming extremely busy, having a pet as any of those mentioned will only require less care!

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