The Ideal Terrarium for Your Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads

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Like other normal pets, fire belly toads must be given proper care and attention to maximize their life span and live healthily. One of the primary concerns you should look into is its terrarium or dwelling place. You cannot just put it in a corner and leave it behind to find something to eat.

The scientific name for fire belly toads is Bombina Orientalis. This type of toad can live from 7 to 15 years and can grow up to 2 inches. They can be found in Korea, Chine, and Southern Russia.

Whether you have a typical fire belly toad or oriental fire-bellied toad, you should learn how to choose an ideal shelter for your pet.

Oriental fire-bellied toads are a perfect choice for those less experienced owners of exotic pets. This is simply due to the reason that they are so easy to care for. Their sizes are only approximately 5 centimeters and occupy little space.

Selection of the Best Enclosure for Fire-Bellied Toads

Oriental Fire-Belly Toads are a kind of frog that is quite easy to take care of as pets. They are regarded as good-looking amphibians that dwell in rice patties and highlands of Korea, Southern Russia, and China. They have interesting behaviors that attract many pet owners.

These small-sized frogs have bright red bellies that serve as their protection against possible dangers around them. Their bellies contain mild toxins that warn the predators. Although it is not dangerous to human beings, proper handling must be applied by washing off your hands after contact.

To choose the right enclosure for your toads, check the following details:

Habitat or Housing 

Fire Bellied Toad Tank Setup and Basic Care

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An oriental fire belly toad lives well in semi-aquatic terrariums. Take note that they survive in half water and half land environment. If you have 2 to 3 of these toads, put them in a terrarium that contains 10 to 15 gallons. For a larger group, there should be a minimum of 20 gallons in bigger terrariums. Make sure that it has a screen top to keep them from escaping. A 20-gallon tank can hold six or more oriental fire belly toads, making it an interesting display.

Island Terraria

Island Terraria may not be the perfect choice for keeping an oriental fire-bellied toad; smaller groups may live well up to six inches of water. As the name suggests, this type of shelter comes with islands composed of a large section of driftwoods and stacked rocks.

These toads love land areas that are above water. This is the reason why island terraria can be used in larger tanks measuring 24 inches in length. Then, they must have at least island to provide at least six by four inches of the water surface above.

With this sizeable water volume, maintaining water quality is easier. At the same time, you can even combine your frogs with other smaller fish species.

Shoreline Terraria

As semi-aquatic frogs, your oriental fire-bellied toad can be kept in shoreline terraria. See to it that you place them near an open land or water area interface. This way, it will be easier for your toads to access water.

Forest Terraria

With forest terraria, it is the system allowing pet owners to include arboreal or terrestrial herps. Examples are forest skinks, treefrogs, anoles, and geckos. The first step in setting up a forest terrarium is by adding one layer of drainage substrates like pea gravel. Or, you can expand the clay pellets that are utilized in hydroponics, which can be found at the tank’s bottom part.

The second step is to add another layer, but this time, it will be peat-based potting soil. Make sure it does not have fertilizer, perlite or any pesticide additive. Then, you can bury the water container (plastic food container) for about 4 inches x 6 inches in the substrate. Make sure that the water container or food storage container is shallow enough.

The third step in the process is to plant various terrarium plants in the land area. You can elaborate on the landscape with wood, rock, or cork bark. A sponge filter operated by a submersible power filter (like Duetto filter) or an air pump will help manage the water condition inside the container.

For experienced owners of oriental fire-bellied toads, they can use tropical forest terrariums, especially if they intend to add more frogs to take care of. Please note down that in this system, it can be quite difficult to keep a small amount of water in the container. Regular cleaning of the container is highly essential as well as replacing the water.

Generally, an ideal terrarium for your fire belly toad is the glass terrarium. Bear in mind that your toad will require 50 percent of their homes to be dry while the remaining 50 percent will be a place for swimming. The technique is to achieve this kind of terrarium is by using aquarium gravel. Then, let it slope up on the other side. You can fill it with water to keep the highest part dry.

As part of choosing the perfect terrarium for your oriental fire belly toads, you need to educate yourself with other significant factors. These are essential factors that you must consider as you choose and prepare for your new pet’s dwelling place.

These are the following:


An oriental fire belly toad is known to be a cold-tolerant type of amphibian. It does well with no or less supplemental heat in domestic places. You can use a good quality thermometer to help monitor the temperature of your terrarium.

When it comes to heating, the oriental fire-bellied toad’s terrarium does not need a basking site. The day time temperature of its dwelling should be 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the night time temperature must be set to 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


Just like other amphibians, an oriental fire belly toad does not need a special UVB lighting system. However, it is essential to have a proper light cycle for normal behavior in the daytime. These toads are active with night and daylight cycles (photoperiod). You can provide linear fluorescent lighting for better results.


Nowadays, various products from different manufacturers and suppliers of amphibian pet products provide substrates for the utmost care of oriental fire-bellied toads. Generally, experts recommend maintaining a deeper layer of at least two inches to let the toad burrow under this substrate.

Furthermore, there are also kinds of substrates used for the water element of the terrarium. Do not use large gravels as these amphibians are aggressive feeders. It may cause impaction once they get accidentally swallowed gravel.


Oriental fire-bellied toads are known to be insectivorous. This means that they must be offered with various insects to maintain their health. They must be fed with mealworms or small crickets that are dusted with some products. You can ask about these products from the most trusted pet shop online or near your place. You can also feed them with waxworms, earthworms, snails, or other insects.

This species of frog does not feed with dead prey. If you commit yourself to care for a fire belly toad, you must not forget to dust them with the necessary vitamin powder. And of course, you must store and feed them with live prey.

What’s more, adult toads need to be fed 2 to 3 times every week. Make sure you do not overfeed your pet. This way, they will not get overweight.


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Clean and freshwater plays a crucial role in the overall health of amphibians. Today, you can find a water conditioner provided for water treatment, which can be added to the terrarium. If you have a bigger terrarium that occupies a large volume of water, you can use a canister filter to clean and filter dirt that has come in contact with the water.

Moreover, it is a must to spray your oriental fire-bellied toad’s terrarium daily. Look for submersible filters if you have smaller terrariums and water sections.

Tank Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, it is best to use a water filter to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your pet’s terrarium. This filter potentially reduces the total waste acquired in your toad’s tank. Expect that your oriental fire belly toads can produce sufficient waste and can release toxins in the water.

So, consider partial and full water changes. Do it regularly apart from using the water filter. Water in the tank should be dechlorinated. It is best to pour in freshwater. Why? It is because these species of toads react to chemicals. When this happens, their health can be affected. Thus, you should not forget to have a routine schedule for changing the water and cleaning the terrarium.


Take care of your oriental fire-bellied toad with the help of the details provided above. Today, these species of frogs continuously become more popular, especially among newbies. The key is to provide the right terrarium for your oriental fire-bellied toad to help them grow healthily.

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