Moroccan Uromastyx Care Sheet

Moroccan Uromastyx

Scientific Facts

Scientific name:Uromastyx acanthinurus
Measurement:10-14 in (25-35 cm) long
Life Span:15 to 20 years


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Moroccan spiny-tailed agamas are pink, red, creamy, bright lime, or a mixture of these insignia. The insignias of this lizard will strengthen with age. Grownups may grasp 15-17 in (38-43 cm) in measurement. The ornate spiny-tailed agama has a bronzed ground hue with creamy and turquoise crossbands in addition to a turquoise cranium. Grownups are 10-14 in (25-35 cm) extended.

Egyptian spiny-tailed lizards are the main adherents of the type. The over-all measurement may equal 30 in (76 cm). The young are light gray-coffee with creamy lines on spots on the posterior. The mature turns from dark to snowy or creamy as it warms up.

Natural History

Uromastyx spp. are likewise recognized as dabb lizards or spiny-tailed lizards. This last term originates from its dense, short end protected with big, prickly scales. The Moroccans spiny-tailed lizard or agama is innate to the deserts of northern Africa. Flamboyant samples of the pet trade are frequently taken from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, besides Mauritania. The variety of decorative spiny-tailed agama is limited to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Barren-caught animals are further mutual than confined raised in the pet trade; this is chiefly factual for the luxurious spiny-tailed agama.


Class is identified under Reptilia

Order is identified under Squamata

Family is identified under the Agamidae – bearded dragons, frilled lizards, water dragons

Uromastyx acanthinurus identified and known as Moroccan spiny-tailed lizard

Uromastyx aegyptis identified and known as Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard

U. ocellatus ornatus known as ornate spiny-tailed agama

Anatomy / Physiology

Dermatologic: Different from snakes, lizards usually show an irregular shed or “ecdysis.”

Respiratory:   Lizards have partial tracheal rings.

Urogenital:     A renal portal system is existing. Agamas have a tinny-walled bladder.


Nasal salt glands defaecate extra sodium. Agamas “sneeze” pure liquid, which far along dries as fine, snowy dust.

Fat pads are existing within the caudoventral coelom.

The mouths of furthermost Uromastyx are tremendously hard to open, and teeth might be dented by the use of sturdy oral specula; consequently, owners might be incapable of managing oral medicines.

Sexual dimorphism:   

Mature males are bigger and more vigorous. A hemipenile protuberance is typically perceived just underneath the vent (or the opening to the cloaca). The hemipenes are the copulatory structure of the male.

Matured males should, too, have protuberant femoral apertures on the ventral thighs. A waxy glandular ooze is veiled from these apertures.

Some type, for example, the Ornate Spiny-tailed lizard and the Mali Spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastyx maliensis), are normally sexually dichromatic. Males are more luminously stained.


Uromastyx is typically mildly toughened, approachable lizards; nonetheless, they are proficient in imposing a sore bite, and the well-strengthened tail might be used as defensive weapons. Though these lizards do not have tail autotomy, not ever grasp a Uromastyx by the extremity.

Health Condition


Alimentary secondary hyperparathyroidism or metabolic bone illness

Cachexia because of poor food consumption produced by the absence of hot sufficient temperatures.

Failure of additional carry to flourish, perhaps due to extra distressing, lack of moisture and hunger, and parasitism.

Proper Care

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Fodder dark, flourishing greens and grasses, for example, bok choy in addition to spring salad combination, as the bulk (~70%) of the food. Blend salad greens with spuds such as corn, squash, carrots, sweet potato, cucumber, as well as zucchini, green peppers, parsley, peas, in addition to beans along with hay and birdseed. Dried lentils, dried besides fresh peas, are frequently preferred nourishments. Uromastyx might be fed insects sporadically. Fruit such as melons or berries besides blossoms, for example, hibiscus leaves, flowers, and mulberry leaves, can likewise be an infrequent treat.

Powder the non-breeding grownup’s nourishment with calcium carbonate or calcium gluconate enhancement once every week. Calcium enhancements must be empty or little in phosphorus with the smallest Ca:P ratio of 2:1. An over-all vitamin/mineral enhancement might likewise be obtainable once every week.

Fodder juveniles every day and grownups every 1-3 days


Sustain a temperature incline of 80-100°F (27-38°C). Provide a lying spot of 120°F (49°C). Throughout the wintertime months, the temperature of this lying part must be dropped to about 100-110°F (38-43°C). Deliver a 10-15°F (5-8°C) drop in temperature in the evening. These high temperatures are vital for the wellbeing of Uromastyx spp. and are attained by using radiators and powerful light tubers, which frequently generate fire dangers in the household.


The moisture level must be from 10-40%. A dehumidifier might be essential in numerous areas. Although it might not be used, a water bowl must be accessible as long as its existence does not increase moisture levels. Furthermost, Uromastyx type comes from parts with not more than 2 inches (5 cm) of rainfall yearly. The mainstream of the water wanted is attained from the nourishments they eat.

Cage size and design  

Give a 60-gallon (227-L) or bigger aquarium or terrarium.

Specialists frequently dispute the finest substrate for Uromastyx. Broadsheet or butcher paper is easy to hygienic; nonetheless, it does not permit digging. Sand is general; nonetheless, there is some danger of absorption and succeeding impaction. Select treated non-silica based sands as they are comparatively powder-free and guarantee passable nutritional calcium consumption to reduces the danger of foreign body breakdown.

Cage furniture/supplies         

Offer a full-range light basis for standard absorption of nutritional calcium and pelt boxes.

Social structure          

One male might be contained with 1 to 3 females year-round. Females can, too, display territorial conduct, so monitor clusters prudently for signs of hostility.


Moroccan uromastyx, as with furthermost pets, need a clean setting to flourish. We endorse a spot clean as frequently as conceivable (daily) and a complete clean every 4 weeks or so. If you are retaining the uromastyx in a bio-lively inclusion, you can spot fresh and screen the enclosure. It might still be a decent piece to change out the sheet a small number of times for each year.

When dusting the inclusion, you must take away your animal, all ticker tapes, and all of the sheets. As soon as the inclusion is clear, you can mist over it all completed with a reptile friendly antiseptic. These typically effort very rapidly, and lone need to be left for about 30 seconds, directions can usually be instituted on the disinfectant packing. As soon as the antiseptic has completed its effort, it can be smeared away from the exteriors with a paper cloth. In some cases, you might need to repeat this course a subsequent time to guarantee that the enclosure is methodically cleaned.

Your garlands can be prepared in a comparable technique, just spray them down with the antiseptic and wash methodically with water beforehand freshening them off and putting them back into the inclusion. We commend this procedure is completed throughout the day time to make certain that the uromastyx will be working back to a warm vivarium for as a minimum an hour earlier, the lying lamps are turned off for the evening.

UVB Lighting

Moroccan uromastyx are a full-time lying type by nature, so they required a penetrating UVB basis. We commend a durable 10-12% UV tube seriatim at the slightest 2/3 of the measurement of the inclusion. In some cases, we might upsurge the strength of the spot contingent on how high the enclosure is, though, in a standard 4 x 2 x 2ft vivarium, the 10-12% must be appropriate.

UV tubes are now obtainable in 2 sizes, T8 and T5. The T8 spotlights are about 1 inch in diameter; the necessity be substituted every 6 months or so, and they have a real variety of 9-12 inches. T5 up-lighters are the fresher restatement. They are about half an inch in diameter, endure for 12 months, and have a real variety of 18-24 inches.

Either lamp you select, we would recommend installing it to the ceiling, near to the back partition. This should deliver a nice UV incline from the back of the inclusion in the direction of the front. In this formation, we attain a temperature incline along with the measurement and a UV incline along with the thickness, meaning that whatsoever the uromastyx supplies, they can bargain the perfect place within the inclusion.


Uromastyx will obtain furthermost of what they require from their nourishment; nonetheless, there are some vitamins besides minerals that they need in advanced concentrations. These are usually provided in the method of calcium in addition to vitamin powders, which are sprinkled onto the live nourishment and speckled onto the salad.

There are numerous products and kinds of enhancement, but usually, they come down to unadulterated calcium, calcium, besides vitamin or vitamin only enhancement. Within these clusters, they will too either comprise or dismiss artificial vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is formed by the reptile when it is unprotected to UVB, and amongst other purposes, it permits the uromastyx to apply the calcium in their food. If you are certain that the UVB stages in your inclusion are ideal, you can use a complement without D3, if you are not certain, it would be finest to use a complement with some D3.

In some stores, they are now using simple calcium dust with D3, and a composed multi-vitamin with D3 called nutrobal. For a maximum of the animals, they substitute these day-to-day so that they obtain their vitamins every other day though receiving calcium.

Uromastyx as Pets

A uromastyx is a prodigious lizard to take as a pet. They are responsive, passive, comparatively easy to care for, besides being fun and enjoyable to watch. Uromastyx is justly low-cost reptiles, and the preliminary arrangement of an environment will surpass the charge of the reptile. Providing a uromastyx with nourishment is fairly easy; meanwhile, you can pick up his nourishment from a grocery store.

The most mutual uromastyx vended as pets are the uromastyx dispar maliensis, usually recognized as the mali uromastyx. They are typically a chocolate color with creamy highlights on their spines. The males are frequently much further flamboyant than females. A male can have actual lively creamy pallor as well as a dark cranium and limbs. A mali uromastyx can raise to be about 14 to 16 inches in measurement.

Ornate, ocellated, and further type of uromastyx can likewise be enjoyed as pets. They can differ in scope, complexion, and tail panache likened to a mali uromastyx. Though diverse in presence, they all have a comparable environment and nutritional necessities. Regardless of the kind of uromastyx you obtain as a pet, they can be a delightful and thrilling count to your household.

Breeding & Babies


Some kinds of uromastyx are sexually dimorphic. It means that males and females have sole structures making them laidback to distinguish. Frequently males are more interesting than females. Males might likewise be broader at the tail base and have bigger crania.

An additional conceivable method to determine the gender is to see the femoral pores of a matured uromastyx. These pores are sideways, the bottom of the thighs. Males might have bigger and more dissimilar pores. Normally, if the pores are laidback to perceive, the uromastyx is a male.

You can likewise check for the hemipenile protuberances. You grasp the uromastyx in your hand, front up, and curve the tail up in the course of the back at a 90* angle. If there are 2 protuberances on either side of the end base, it is a male. If you perceive one centered protuberance or no protuberance, it is female.

You must be very cautious that you do not crook the tail too far. You might disrupt a spine at the base of the tail.

Sexing a uromastyx can occasionally be hard. If you are in hesitation, asking a vet to sex, your pet is constantly a choice.


Mating must happen in a neutral cistern or the female’s home. As soon as a male arrives at the cage, he will display off by nodding up and down and dashing the female everywhere the tank. The male must finally clutch hold of the posterior of the female’s neck and mate.

Though the masculine courts, the female will route away and pelt. If the female is not concerned about breeding, she will flip on her posterior. If the female mali uromastyx does not need to mate, the male must be removed from the cistern. If the female is attracted, the male must be removed from the cistern subsequently a day or 2 of mating.


Brumation is a stage where a lizard will slumber a great deal and eats very slight. It frequently arises throughout cold weather conditions. A stage of brumation might, or might not, be essential, but frequently activates the nature for uromastyx to mate and strain.

Egg Laying

Once a female uromastyx becomes pregnant, it will be 4 to 6 weeks until she lays her eggs. A place to lay her eggs should be added to the pregnant uromastyx’s tank.

The egg-laying site should have several inches of moist play sand. The substrate should allow her to dig, lay, and then bury her eggs. A plastic container about the size of a shoebox makes a good site.

As soon as the uromastyx has her egg placing spot the means she needs it and is prepared; she will lay her offspring over the sequence of numerous hours. Contingent on the kind and scope of uromastyx, she will lay amid 10 and 20 offspring.

Egg Storage

You would prudently expose the uromastyx offspring and locate them in a plastic vessel. Do not alternate or vary the location of the offspring, whereas moving them.

The lowest of the vessel must comprise sufficient vermiculite to protect each egg 2/3 deep. The vermiculite must be varied with liquid at a rate of 4 portions vermiculite to 1-part water. The vessel will likewise need a cover with air holes.


The informal method to gestate eggs is to practice with a commercial incubator. Styrofoam incubators are low-cost and work justly fine.

The temperature of the incubator must be accurate, about 90*. You must retain the incubator in an area that is chiller than the temperature of the incubator. They are intended to increase and preserve one temperature. If the area is warmer than the incubator, it will increase the temperature above the regulator location in the incubator and perhaps kill the offspring.

To help uphold moisture levels, you can place a bowl of water within the ovum vessel and top-up; it is essential. The offspring will hatch in around 60 to 70 days.

Egg Hatching

A baby uromastyx will expose an ovum with an ovum tooth. Babies might leave the ovum afterward, opening it or stay in the ovum for up to more than a few days. Residual in the egg is standard and is just a method for the uromastyx to grip any excess egg yolk. When a baby leaves its ovum, it can be enthused to a new cistern.


Baby uromastyx can be reserved collected and have comparable necessities as grownups. One alteration is you perhaps shouldn’t use shingle as a substrate. Plain paper cloths or broadsheet make a healthier substrate.

The chief anxiety with sand is the dread of the babies consuming it and instigating an impaction. You must likewise make certain the nourishment for the babies is excellently sliced to make certain they have no worry ingesting it.

Availability and Where to Get One

You will be able to find this kind of reptile from special reptile shops. It is important that you also get in touch with your local breeders to ensure that you will get the best deal. They will be able to give you referrals and recommendations as to where and how to get the best reptile. 

Fun Facts

New Pet

A period or two before, these reptiles made deprived pets, chiefly for the reason that they didn’t endure very long. We unstated very slightly about their regular and nutritional needs. In current years scientists have been clever to perfect the maintenance of these creatures. So abundant so, in fact, that numerous species outlast their wild matching part!

Vigorous Animals

Uromastyx is big lizards, and need similarly large inclusions. They are likewise very vigorous, and favor having heaps of space to wander and discover. This means that they need much wider environments than some other reptile type.

Dig Down

On top of large inclusions, they must likewise have subterranean substrate. In the barren, these reptile’s holes can spread 10 feet or further. In human maintenance, they should take the main inclusion you can provide, with a sufficiently subterranean substrate for burrowing underneath the shallow.

Unmaintainable Uromastyx

If you contemplate, you can take on these individuals as pets, it is likewise significant to remember to acquire where your pet originates from. Humans still seize numerous types from the barren in an unmaintainable style. This can place the barren inhabitants in hazard, and also consequence in the demise of numerous uromastyx beforehand they reach somebody as pets.

FAQ Section

Are uromastyx responsive?

A uromastyx is a prodigious lizard to take as a pet. They are responsive, passive, moderately easy to maintain for, and are entertaining and enjoyable to watch. … Ornate, ocellated, and other types of uromastyx can likewise be started as pets. They can differ in scope, complexion, and tail panache associated with a mali uromastyx.

Are uromastyx hostile?

Uromastyx incline to display supremacy early. … It must be distinguished that diverse types of uromastyx have variable grades of hostility, though, these levels can likewise alter on a separate basis contingent on the lizard. Consequently, it is imperative to judge the anger levels existing in your cluster of lizards.

Are uromastyx good for novices?

There are more than a few types of uromastyx, or spiny-tailed lizards, that brand decent novice pets. … Their nearly completely vegetarian nourishments make them laid-back to fodder, and since they are lively throughout the day, “ponytails” make countless novice pets.

Can uromastyx plunge?

Uromastyx does not classically drink lots of liquid. The maximum of their water ingestion derives from the ingestion of crickets and vegetables. The liquid must be prearranged two times a week as babies by sopping the lizard in a low bowl of water for around 5 minutes. The uromastyx must be able to stand in the liquid deprived of having to plunge.

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